From a technology perspective there is no singularly correct approach or solution for teleworkers. Multiple influencers exist, be they business size, role and function of the teleworker, how collaborative the organisation, and the anticipated frequency and volume of teleworking. It is also a multi-dimensional challenge that must look to:

  • Employee workspaces – catering to the needs to teleworkers when they are working remotely, but also when they are in the office
  • Tools and Systems – the user-facing tools provided to staff, but also the back-end systems to enable teleworkers
  • Staff Enablement – considering not just the enablement of teleworkers, but for all staff in being able to work with teleworkers

The appropriate mix of technologies – whether networking, communication, collaboration and information management – should be defined by the business needs of teleworkers. In a growing number of businesses however, teleworking is an attribute of the evolution of organisational culture and technology platform around flexible working, collaboration (and video), mobility and bring-your-own-device (BYOD). Irrespective, the introduction of technologies in support of teleworking can be disruptive and businesses should be mindful that technology is only part of the flexible working / telework puzzle. It’s highly recommended that the expertise of an ICT solutions provider such as Logicalis be utilised to help navigate the range of technology options that are both available and relevant, negotiate the security implications of opening up business networks to external parties, and provide guidance on how to manage the people and cultural elements of technology change.

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"You are not alone. Nine out of ten organisations plan to embrace flexible working. 26% of staff want to be given the ability to work from home, and an additional 25% of staff want to be given the ability to work from anywhere, including home."
Workplace of the Future’, Citrix, 2011

"A comprehensive flexible working strategy generates the best results when it encompasses three main components: technology (the infrastructure that supports secure enterprise mobility and collaboration); policies and processes that mitigate risk and the physical workspace that makes it easy for employees to collaborate."

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