Beyond technology, there is additional infrastructure and programs that may be appropriate to consider as part of teleworker enablement:

  • Furniture – Employee comfort, workplace safety assessments or company standards may require ergonomic chairs, lighting, secure file storage (for organisations with particularly stringent privacy requirements) and, less commonly desks, to be scoped as part of a Remote Workspace enablement. This can also include to computer monitors and keyboards, if not already captured by the telework computing strategy.
  • Incidentals – Remote Workspaces are in effect offices and depending on the nature of the employee’s role and anticipated telework activities, incidental items such as whiteboards, shredders, printers and document scanners may need consideration.
  • Installation & Onboarding – Teleworkers cannot be assumed to be technically literate and capable of self-installing the technologies associated with enabling their Remote Workspace. Any technologies deployed need to come with on-site installation and configuration; and as a foundation for productivity, some degree of user familiarisation and training (e.g. usage and adoption focus).
  • Support – With teleworker technology issues usually the result of integrating a Remote Workspace into a home environment, it is neither effective nor efficient to rely solely on office-bound or phone IT support for teleworkers. Teleworkers and their Remote Workspaces should be considered as small branches, and need to have suitable on-site support models in place to preserve operational uptime.
  • Change Leadership – modifying where and how an organisation’s staff work is a disruptive change that technology alone cannot address. Organisations need to look beyond the basic introduction of technology and to its people and process. The art of change (communication and training) must be managed, but so too the mindsets, attitudes and behaviours of teleworkers and staff. This requires a Change Leadership program across the organisation; from executive to management to staff (general and teleworkers).
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