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Any focus on employee productivity and efficiency must be supported by the right foundation; whether it’s workforce vision, change culture, tools or a combination. In the case of teleworkers, this foundation includes basic connectivity; enabling teleworkers to reach back into their organisations when working remotely in order to access the networks, resources and information that their individual roles may rely on.

While connectivity from a basic networking sense is fundamental and provides the means to move data and information from the office to the remote worker, security is paramount as telework invariably require users to connect via the Internet. The challenge with security is how to provide open and free access to authorised users, while being controlling and restrictive to those who are unauthorised, or are determined to appear authorised.

Teleworkers must also be provided access to the applications they need to perform their roles, which typically requires a review of application delivery and end-user computing approaches to ensure that applications can be delivered reliability and securely outside the business. This may look at the portability needs of remote workers as well as their support self-sufficiency, may extend to the devices they are provided, the commercial terms on which these are provided and allowances made in the office and at home, in terms of local access networks, to simply connection.

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