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Providing platforms for collaboration between staff is a telework must-have. According to research undertaken by the Institute for a Broadband Enabled Society (IBES) at the University of Melbourne, productivity gains from telework are closely linked to the availability and use of adequate technology to enable and support telework, and enable employees to work seamlessly from virtually anywhere.

Not only does a well-planned and executed collaboration capability support organisation productivity and effectiveness, it can underpin teleworker engagement and the ability to extend the social culture of an organisation into Remote Workspaces.

In a traditional working arrangement, staff may have team members and co-workers in other office locations, but it’s the team members and co-workers in the same office that help create a sense of belonging and community, and contribute to overall employee engagement with the organisation. Teleworkers if left unchecked can become isolated from their team members and co-workers for anything other direct job-related interactions. All contact with organisation culture and the social workplace, and ongoing employee engagement, becomes dependent on the broadband link back in the business and the collaboration and social interaction and collaboration options available over it.

It’s important to keep in mind that collaboration is a cross-organisation capability that needs to be applied to the teleworker and extended to everyone in his or her community of interest. Some collaboration technologies can be introduced via the teleworker and extended to office-bound co-workers on a per session basis (see Web Conferences). Others (see Presence, Messaging, Video) require whole of business enablement as a parallel project to telework enablement. Others (see Social & Knowledge Tools) can be on a per community basis, but again as enablement project beyond teleworking.

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“The productivity, satisfaction and wellbeing of teleworkers relies on a broad collaboration strategy that provides for messaging, application, phone and video interaction while providing an intrinsic awareness of the activities, movements and achievements of co-workers."



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