We have an absolutely unique approach to defining and delivering our Managed Service offerings.

Our SLA’s are based on Restoration Times, not Response Times. We pay penalties if we miss an SLA. In fact, in our opinion Response Time SLAs are a waste of time: here’s why.
We’ve developed Service Descriptions that are 100% supported by systems and processes. This may sound trivial but when you have high degrees of automation and logic involved this is absolutely key. We don’t just provide a list of bullet points to define what’s included in our services (which are open to interpretation)
You get complete visibility into your IT infrastructure. Unlike many service providers, you don’t lose control of your IT assets. We act as extension of your IT team, and give you more visibility than you’ve ever had into performance of your IT – and the resolution process.
We know what is best for the healthy management of specific technologies. Logicalis has spent time analysing what’s required for the healthy management of each service being managed, from how we respond to alerts to proactive monthly reporting.
Having advanced, well defined, services is only as good as the governance procedures that keep them this way. Logicalis ensures that appropriate change control mechanisms are applied to Service Catalogue governance in the same way we apply them to the IT environments we manage.


Logicalis Managed Services typically helps our customers reduce infrastructure management costs by 20-50% as a result of unique remote management technology, ISO 9001 accredited processes and leveraging the scale of our services.”.



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