How can you maintain your current IT environment, manage increased service requests, and invest in new business initiatives? By outsourcing the fundamental IT services your organization requires in order to survive, while focusing your IT resources on specific business-directed initiatives, you can provide essential services and reduce costs.

Outsourcing involves many custom procedures, and typically changes the way you do business. It can be difficult (and expensive) to scale. The risk of failure, or poor customer satisfaction, is high with outsourcing.

Maintaining all support functions in-house can be an expensive proposition, especially when 24x7 management and response is required and skills need regular updating.

Logicalis’ Managed Services provides a superior alternative that is based on clearly defined services, supported by people, process and technology that enable scalability and success.

  Outsourcing Managed Services
Definition of expectations Loose / Undefined Well Defined / Detailed
Staffed by Dedicated or Shared Resources Logicalis Shared Resources
Scalability Poor Good
Customer Satisfaction Typically lower when trying to scale / share resources Typically Higher
Risk Typically Higher Typically Low

Purchasing a network management “framework” typically involves re-engineering the organisation.

Over 70% of in-sourced installations fail to meet end-user needs.

Reduce cost and risk with a managed service, or selective-source approach.



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