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Secure Mobility
http://microsites.au.logicalis.com/images/plane.pngMobile devices are steadily replacing desk and home phones as the communications tool of choice. A recent survey found that 80% of organisations will support personal iPads, and 50% expect their organisation to purchase one for them. This is presenting new opportunities - and new challenges.

Empower your team, even more

Create an environment that allows staff to employ their personal work style and workflows. Not forcing people to work your way – but their way – enables greater personal innovation.

Security is more than just access

Establishing the correct levels of access, security and policies is a key step in protecting your network. Your employees will need access to your information using a multitude of different, typically mobile devices. Securing these applications and data is key.

Where is the office anyway?

Staff may work from anywhere. You'll want to profile their work locations to gain a deeper understanding of their location profile. Is your team distributed or centralised? Do people work from home? Is hot desking common or do staff members have a defined workspace? How does this vary by function? Does your security policy take into account location and time of day to enforce security?

Logicalis has a comprehensive approach to enabling secure mobility and allowing the safe adoption of BYOD or company-supplied devices into the workplace. Our approach includes:

  • Building a Strategic Plan
  • Setting the policy framework
  • Providing unified access to the network
  • Managing devices on the network
  • Enforcing policies to secure applications and data
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