There are many ways to ease into BYOD or a virtual workspace solution. But with multiple layers of complexity, there are also lots of ways things can go wrong. We recommend a phased approach: don’t roll out BYOD all at once.

In helping customers build a Roadmap to a Virtual Workspace, we typically go through a process of validating the business case and the technology.

Develop the Business Case. Combining an ROI and/or TCO analysis of your current environment, we quantify the benefits of moving to a BYOD model and implementing a virtual workspace solution.
Engage key stakeholders. We interview key staff across all business units to understand user concerns and establish different BYOD profiles for those users.
Infrastructure readiness. We analyse network and data centre performance, and the ability of the current infrastructure to support a virtual desktop strategy.
Build a Pilot or Proof of Concept. This final step combines all gathered information to deploy a trial of the proposed virtual workspace solution to a select group of users.
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Four things to consider in enabling a BYOD approach:

Be an enabler: BYOD brings challenges and opportunities, and CIOs need to be consultative and “business enabling”

Work within the existing policy framework : ensure it addresses privacy, data security and how employees use personal devices

Re-deploy IT resources:  away from desktop support and helpdesk into more strategic roles

Consider the physical workplace:  BYOD enables you to move to a more flexible “Activity Based Workplace”
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