• Are employees in your organisation demanding corporate access from privately owned devices such as tablets, laptops and smart phones?
  • Are corporate users storing and sharing data using consumer cloud platforms like Dropbox, iCloud and Gmail?
  • Is your IT organisation struggling to adopt a BYOD model in a cost-effective way without jeopardising security?

There is a perception that BYOD is just an IT issue. In short: Significant productivity and cost gains can be recognised across the organisation.

Logicalis’ Virtual Workplace addresses these challenges without compromising the flexible environment and collaboration that employees expect. We do this by integrating virtual desktop technology, voice and video capabilities in a virtualised environment and management of end devices. Our solution can also be delivered from the cloud (Desktop as a Service), on a managed FlexPod platform optimised for virtual workspace computing or on your own infrastructure

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Logicalis has designed a cost-effective end-to-end mobility and VDI solution to overcome the challenges of BYOD.

  • Integrated voice and video
  • On-premise and cloud options
  • Flexible anytime / anywhere secure access



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