We are witnessing the transformation of the traditional workspace to one that is characterised by modern-day employees using multiple smart devices, working from remote locations, with 24/7 access to everything. This shift allows for significant increases in agility and productivity, but also a very different environment for Corporate IT to manage.

The challenge of BYOD for organisations is to meet the needs of users in a cost-effective way without jeopardising security.

Key challenges of BYOD:

Consumerisation of IT: prevalence of multiple user devices, cloud computing, social media tools, and more.
Growing demand for workplace flexibility, Citrix estimates that work-shifting policies will increase from 37% of organisations in 2013 to 93% in 2015
Legal implications of BYOD include issues surrounding liability, ownership, privacy, licensing and regulatory compliance.

Logicalis’ Virtual Workspace solution addresses the challenges faced by many organisations whilst also providing flexible anytime / anywhere secure data access and allows for an overall reduction of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for Desktop IT.
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If you don’t work with users on the devices they want, they are going to do it anyway, and that’s worse.” – Jim Dossias, Logicalis

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