The evidence is quickly mounting that the next wave of business growth and opportunity will come directly from an organisation’s ability to embrace these new technologies.

Some specific benefits that the Logicalis Virtual Workspace delivers is:

Reduced Hardware Costs: OS and application updates/revisions rarely require new hardware.
Compliance & Data Security: Endpoint devices contain no actual data, all data is stored in the data centre so data is centralised.
Greater IT Productivity: IT efficiency manages and solves “desktop” problems at the data centre in a controlled environment.
Device Control: Secure, scalable management of assets and policies for all mobile devices.
Collaboration & Telepresence: User and customer engagement anywhere, anytime.

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“I spent $10 million making my purchasing system usable on SAP. I spent $10,000 making it usable on my iPhone. You do the math ”.
- Todd Pierce, CIO, Genentech

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