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Innovation is central to what we do at Logicalis, whether it’s working with our clients on how to maximise their IT investments, working with our vendor partners on new ways that their products can optimise IT, or bringing together new collections of technology functionality and experience to respond to business issues and challenges.

Tablet Desktops

Imagine your mobility and computing strategy coming together into a single portable IT experience without compromise.
Imagine every user having a tablet as their computing platform, giving them the freedom and flexibility to access email, calendar, communications, notes and documents anywhere in and out of the office.

Imagine users sitting at their desks with their tablets providing a big-screen computing experience, providing traditional office applications, voice and video communications and collaboration.
We’re working with Samsung on a no-compromise Desktop Virtualisation solution that revolves around tablets. It does EVERYTHING that desktops do today and in the way the you expect, but with the added benefit of mobility:

  • Away from the desk, Samsung’s Galaxy and their enterprise-hardened S.A.F.E Android platform provides you the freedom to work when and where you need to.
  • At your desk, it docks to enable a traditional monitor-keyboard-mouse computing experience, with a full portfolio of Cisco Unified Communications capability potentially (and literally) at your fingertips.
  • Everywhere, Logicalis Virtual Workspace provides centralised delivery of your office applications, data and internal resources – secure, ubiquitous and dependable

Contact us for a demonstration of the concept.

Smart Rooms

How teams work together has evolved, and so too must the meeting room. The days of plugging in to present to a room audience are gone; team members are increasingly distributed, there is greater acceptance and demand for video, workflows are more collaborative and so are the tools we use.

Logicalis’ Smart Room is a reinterpretation of the enterprise meeting room experience, and its transformation into a day-to-day collaboration tool of the modern teams. We’re working with Cisco and Samsung to bring this new experience to meetings at all levels in Australian organisations. Capabilities will include:

  • High definition, large-screen video conferencing
  • Large-screen presenting (with simultaneous large screen presenting and video conferencing)
  • Wideband audio conferencing
  • Mobile participant integration (desktop, tablet)
  • Integrated recording
  • Wireless presenting from PC, tablet, smartphone (Apple, Android)
  • Dongleless wired presenting (PC, Mac)
  • Virtual Workspace integration
  • Virtual whiteboard – multiple locations, multiple pens, one board
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