Cloud computing takes its name from the cloud shapes in schematic drawings used to depict the early Internet. It represents the idea of a flexible, on-demand model for computing that can be tailored for individual organisations. Cloud computing provides a number of attractive attributes which can offer your organisation more flexibility and cost savings in its IT operations.

Reduce amounts of IT capital equipment spending:

Pay only for what you actually need
Lower implementation costs
Shift cost from capital budgets to operating budgets

Service Improvement:

Shorten the time to deliver projects
More robust system availability
Enhanced disaster recovery

Better management of resources:

Eliminate the admin of software maintenance and upgrades
Focus on highest value activities
Align IT to drive business innovation

Logicalis can help you determine the best cloud computing strategy for utilising cloud computing in your organization and our professional services can develop and execute a plan to meet your goals. Our approach involves a strategic look at your needs. Logicalis Cloud Offerings are backed by our award-winning Logicalis managed services

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“It’s as inevitable and irreversible as the shift from steam to electric power in manufacturing, which was gaining momentum in America about a century ago.”
Harvard Business Review, November 2011

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