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Our approach with the Logicalis Virtual Private Data Centre (LVPDC) is to replicate the design of a traditional data centre in the Cloud. This allows you to benefit from the reduced cost and almost infinite scale of a cloud solution as well as features like replication – but without needing any changes to the design of your applications or servers, or your skillsets.

The following Logicalis Cloud design principles are used to address common customer challenges

Core vs. Context: Gartner estimates that IT maintenance accounts for approximately 80% of total IT expenditure (and effort) with approximately 20% going into running applications and strategic projects, where all business value is concentrated. The Logicalis Virtual Private Data Centre enables you to make the transition to spending most of the time and effort on strategic value tasks
Supply of critical IT services: Organisations are challenged on a daily basis to provide critical IT services to the organisation like effective disaster recovery, data backup & restoration and operational management services. Logicalis addresses these challenges by integrating these critical services into the core cloud platform. You can choose the complementary services that they you want to apply at a granular level to each server hosted in the Logicalis VPDC, providing a simple and cost effective approach to normally costly and complex services.
Holistic View across resources: Logicalis’ Web-based IT Service Management tool provides a consolidated view of the performance and health of the IT infrastructure, regardless of whether it’s on–premise or in the Logicalis cloud. It provides a monitoring and management toolset with cloud orchestration, enabling customers to use a single tool to manage and configure cloud-based compute and storage as well as to monitor and manage traditional data centre and networking infrastructure.
Cloud commercial model: Traditional IT expenditure has been very capital intensive with hardware and software licenses need to be outright purchased and was generally an expenditure on the balance sheet. Logicalis provides cloud services based on an operational expense model allowing you flexibility in how you consume and purchase IT services allowing. Our cloud commercial model extends beyond public cloud services to include hybrid and private clouds that are provided by Logicalis.
Data Sovereignty: Cloud computing has revolutionised the traditional data centre in many ways however, organisations are still concerned when it comes to their location of their data (data sovereignty) and what foreign laws their data is subjected too if hosted overseas. Logicalis removes this concern by having our cloud services located domestically in Australia within our highly secure data centres.


Performance Tiers: Understanding that applications and virtual machines require different performance levels to suit their usage requirements, Logicalis provides multiple tiers of storage to ensure that performance is matched to meet requirements. Logicalis utilises the latest technologies in performance storage including enterprise flash disks and high-speed storage disks.

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