Logicalis can help you determine the best cloud computing strategy for utilising cloud computing in your organisation and our professional services can develop and execute a plan to meet your goals.

As a solution integrator and managed services organisation, we are uniquely positioned to provide/build cloud solutions. Logicalis approaches cloud solutions from a consultative approach, understanding that the answer to each organisation’s cloud strategy is not a cookie cutter approach and requires multiple solutions and partnerships to facilitate and build the correct strategy.

Our approach involves a strategic look at your needs. Logicalis Cloud Offerings are backed by our award-winning Logicalis managed services.


Help customers define their cloud strategy

Private versus Public Cloud?
What can you run in the cloud?
High level cloud strategy and architecture consulting


Help customers build their private clouds

Detailed private cloud design
Infrastructure build out
Implement Operational and Management tools


Help customers manage their private clouds

Full Managed Service offerings
SLA led Cloud management approach
Cloud infrastructure maintenance


Operate a hybrid enterprise cloud service (Logicalis Enterprise Cloud)

Enterprise class cloud offering
Transparent integration with client private cloud
SLA provisioned
Enterprise class security
Two locations within Australia (Sydney and Melbourne)

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Three changes to consider in moving to a Cloud model

Be an enabler: By eliminating many of the day-to-day data centre operations and allowing you to focus on the core business, Cloud helps the CIO role to become a business enabler.
CIO and Cloud
CIO as Business Enabler

Re-deploy IT resources:
Consider how you can apply your IT staff to in more strategic roles and projects.

Consider governance
: Cloud means managing business outcomes, SLAs and compliance, not technology implementation.
7 Legal Issues for Cloud

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