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Cloud Migration

We’ve re-thought and re-designed the concept of the cloud. The Logicalis Cloud has been designed from the ground up to provide a very different approach to delivering enterprise computing.

A Complete (virtual) Data Centre: By providing a firewall and advanced networking within the cloud as well as compute and storage you can replicate the design of your on-premise data centre within the cloud. As well as building your topology with your own addressing, we can host physical devices or appliances. For each virtual machine, you can apply an operating system or upload your own
Holistic View across Resources: A web-based application provides complete visibility and orchestration of the cloud, as well any on-premise infrastructure. You can monitor resources regardless of whether they are virtual or physical. Far more than just a management portal, the application provides a comprehensive IT service management capability.
Granular Backup and Replication: The design of the virtual private data centre enables you to select backup and/or replication options at a virtual machine level.
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People, Process and Technology: Logicalis’ unique set of capabilities and services and top-tier vendor certifications including Cisco, Citrix, Microsoft and NetApp enable us to support you in migrating to the Cloud and in all aspects of your ICT infrastructure where cloud has an impact (LAN, WAN, Collaboration, DC, Apps). We also have the people and process capabilities to migrate users, content and workflows across. View Cloud Orchestration
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