LVPDC Overview
Design Principles
The LVPDC Difference
LVPDC Orchestration
Cloud Migration
Are you looking to move applications to the Cloud but want to retain full visibility and control?
Does your data centre offer sufficient redundancy or DR capability?
Are you reaching capacity in your data centre environment?
Do you need a cloud that’s designed for an enterprise (and doesn’t need you to re-architect your IT or applications)?

The Logicalis Virtual Private Data Centre (LVPDC) offers secure infrastructure for hosting enterprise customer applications and servers. It has been designed to deliver maximum benefit to you, with a focus on reducing capital investment and operational overhead in maintaining and supporting data centre infrastructure and user environments.

The Logicalis Virtual Private Data Centre environment is elastic: additional resources, users and functionality can be added on demand to address short terms spikes in business requirements, or long term business growth.

In staying true to our pedigree in the Data Centre solution offering, Logicalis has long held the view that Server Virtualisation has challenged traditional thinking on IT within a business.  Taking it one step further and virtualising a Data Centre in its entirety can produce even greater operational efficiencies.

The Logicalis VPDC represents a very different approach to other Cloud / IaaS vendors and provides a complete SLA-backed solution for any size enterprise:

Watch the video below to see how our Cloud gives you all the control and visibility that you expect from a traditional on-premise solution, with the benefits of integrated DR, backup and management from any Internet-connected device.

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