You’re in safe hands with Logicalis: we deliver on-premise, managed and cloud-based solutions to customers across Australia, from highly regulated government agencies to large enterprises (and everything in between). From 2TB and up, we can provide a cost-effective on-premise or cloud solution.

ABB is one customer that has taken advantage of Logicalis’ backup services.

Logicalis supplied ABB with the hardware, infrastructure software equipment, technical expertise and project management skills to migrate data housed on file servers and host this at an ABB site. ABB had the new system installed and in production within two months and can engage Logicalis to rapidly restore data often within just a few hours.

“We were able to get new servers, build them in our information system offices in NSW, fully restore the server from the back-ups that Avamar was running, then ship that server to site and just do a restore over the network of the data that had changed in that intervening time.”

"Moving from our existing outsourcer to Logicalis was a natural progression based on our future migration strategy requirements and their expertise and flexibility in this new generation of service delivery. Logicalis Back-up as a Service will give our Information Services team peace of mind around process and technology."

Ather Islam, ABB
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