Logicalis' Backup as a Service takes away the pain of backup, and ensures you are prepared for the accelerating rate of data growth.

Benefits that Logicalis can deliver through our approach to backup include:

  • Reduced Cost and Risk: Cost-effective per-GB pricing model (based on data protected) means predictable back-up costs for test. We test restoration on a periodic basis, to ensure everything is working as it should.
  • Scalable: Based on rapidly increasing rates of data being backed-up, an in-house solution may reach storage or backup window limits – especially for tape-based solutions. Logicalis’ solutions are designed to scale – and you only pay for what you require today.
  • Operational efficiency: Focus your staff on “core” IT projects. Maintaining backup infrastructure and responding to ad-hoc restore requests is a distraction for IT staff, and few organisation have optimised processes or internal SLAs around backup and recovery.
  • Business-focussed: Our Backup as a Service is built on SLAs, including backup success and committed recovery times when you need to restore data.
  • Fully mature ITIL processes—change, incident, problem, and service-level management.

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“The most important thing for our business is we have a lot more confidence in the reliability of our back-ups and our ability to restore the data ”. ABB



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