Recent research revealed that 80% of Australian IT workers are not confident they could reboot after a devastating event. In surveys of mid-sized companies, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) found that “time and time again, the top two data protection issues remain keeping pace with data growth and reducing backup and recovery times”. Yet, few organisations state that addressing these issues is a Top 5 priority.

Typical challenges faced by organisations identified by an Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) study are:

Shrinking back-up and recovery windows, with backups taking longer and greater demands on application availability.
Data Protection gaps:  Frequency of backups is not sufficient
Legacy technology: More data and more frequent backups mean organisations are faced with the shortcomings of traditional tape-based backup and recovery solutions, particularly long recovery times, questionable reliability, and the potential for error associated with manual tape handling processes.

Logicalis’ backup solutions are designed to address these backup challenges, and provide test with a scalable and low-risk solution.
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